There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
~Ansel Adams

Eleven and a Half

I started this blog as part of a photography course called “Find Your Eye” with Kat Sloma. She’s one of the Mortal Muses, a site that is of great inspiration to me. The proceeds of the course cost were donated to a charity called Nest that helps women around the world earn a living through arts & crafts.

When the course finished, I decided to continue to write here, to invite other photographers to share some of their work in the Flickr pool which I post occasionally under the title “The Eye”. Other photographers inspire me greatly so I will also be continually interviewing some of those people who have left an impression on me. Keep an eye on the “Through The Eyes Of:” section and if there’s someone you’d like to see, send a recommendation.

Like Ansel Adams says, there’s two points of view in every photo, so constructive comments are very welcome on any entry!

Or send me an email any time at littlephotographyobservationist@hotmail.com



2 Responses to About

  1. Arts & Crafts make the world go round!
    Well, they at least make the ride worthwhile!

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