Catch Me If You Can!

Hello everyone! I just popped in to give you an update since I realized I left you hanging with a post back in 2011.

The story since then? I came back to London again in November last year after six months in Colombia and about two and a half in New York.

It’s been a pretty awesome year for me. I found a new job in the field of international education which I adore, I’m in a great relationship with a garden designer from Tenerife, and I’ve had the chance to travel quite a bit this year – since March, I’ve been to Barcelona, Dubai and Tenerife; we have tickets to go to Toronto and New York in October, plans for Edinburgh in November and Tenerife again for Christmas.

I’m enjoying being back in London, still running my photography and jewelry/handbag shops on the side and embracing that near-30 confusing appreciation for cooking, baking and buying pretty napkins. We’ve discovered lots of delicious London restaurants in the past few months and spending today lounging about on a British bank holiday Monday.

I’m writing on my good old London blog again, which contains loads of photography, interviews with artists and lots of other goodies so stop in a say hello (just click the screen shot below):


Come follow me there. You can also find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

See you around!


About Little Observationist

Appreciating life's little luxuries.
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